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Our Policy Comparisons Module Currently Contains
56 Companies and 233 Products!

To assist you in replacement opportunities, our database includes polices which may no longer be available for sale.

   AARP (Genworth)
    AARP LTC (Generic)

AARP (Met Life)
    AARP LTC (Generic)
    Flex Choice II (Generic)
    FlexChoice (Generic)
    MyChoice (Generic)

    Total LTC-1 (Generic)
    Total LTC-2 (Generic)

    Future Choice (Generic)
    Future Select (Generic)
    FutureSelect Plus (Generic)
    Generation Protector (Generic)
    Generation Protector 2 (Generic)
    Term LTC (Generic)

American Fidelity
    Advantage Care (Generic)

American General Life Insurance Company
    Long-Term Care Insurance (Generic)

American Heritage
    TQ-LTC (Generic)

Bankers Life
    TQ-LTC (Generic)
    TQ-LTC (Generic)
    TQ-LTC (Generic)

Bankers United
    Generation Care (Generic)
    Golden Care Basic (Generic)
    Golden Care Plus (Generic)
    Personal Choice (Generic)

Berkshire Life of America
    Care ProVider (Generic)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
    Preferred LTC (AL)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas
    Care Directions Simplicity (KS)

Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC
    Simplicity CareDirections (NC)

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida
    BlueSecure Freedom Plan (FL)

    The CalPERS Comprehensive Plan (CA)

    Independence LTC (Generic)
    Preferred Solutions 1 TQ (GA)
    PS-1-TQ (Generic)
    PS-1-TQ (CA)
    PS-1-TQ (IN-Partnership)

Conseco SH

Country Life Insurance Company
    LTCI (IL)

CUNA Mutual Life Insurance Company
    Individual Long-Term Care (TN)

Equitable Life & Casualty
    EquiCare 8000 (Generic)
    the new CONTINUUM (KS)
    TQ-LTC (Generic)

Federal LTCI Program/Hancock
    FLTCIP 2.0 (Generic)
    Long Term Care Partners (JH) (Generic)

Federal LTCI Program/Met Life
    Long Term Care Partners (Met) (Generic)

Fortis LTC
    Enhanced Integrated (Generic)
    Integrated LTCI (Generic)
    Integrated LTCI (NY-Partnership)
    Long Term Security (Generic)

    Classic Select (Generic)
    Classic Select (CT-Partnership)
    Classic Select (NY)
    Classic Select (NY-Partnership)
    Classic Select (VA)
    Cornerstone (Generic)
    Long Term Care Choice (Generic)
    Long Term Care Choice (CA)
    Long Term Care Choice (CA-Partnership)
    Long Term Care Choice (CT-Partnership)
    Long Term Care Choice (NY-Partnership)
    Long Term Care Choice (NY)
    Partnership Plus Dollar for Dollar 100 (NY-Partnership)
    Partnership Plus Dollar for Dollar 50 (NY-Partnership)
    PrimeriCare (Generic)
    Priviledge Choice Flex 3 (Generic-Partnership)
    Privileged Care Select II (Generic)
    Privileged Choice (Generic)
    Privileged Choice (CT-Partnership)
    Privileged Choice (NY)
    Privileged Choice (VA)
    Privileged Choice Flex (Generic)
    Privileged Choice Flex 2 (Generic-Partnership)
    Total Asset 100 (NY-Partnership)
    Total Asset 50 (NY-Partnership)

Great American Life
    FlexibleBenefitLTC (KS)
    GreatAmericanLTC (CT-Partnership)
    Long Term Care Advantage (Generic)
    LTCI (AL)

Guarantee Trust Life
    GTL Long-Term Care Insurance (IA)
    Legacy Series (Generic)

IDS Life
    Long Term Care Insurance (Generic)
    Long-Term Care Insurance (IA)

John Hancock
    Advantage Gold Select (Generic)
    Advantage Gold Select (IN-Partnership)
    Advantage Gold Select (NY-Partnership)
    Custom Care (Generic)
    Custom Care (CA)
    Custom Care (CA-Partnership)
    Custom Care (CT-Partnership)
    Custom Care (IN)
    Custom Care (MA)
    Custom Care (NY)
    Custom Care (TX)
    Custom Care 2 (Generic)
    Custom Care 2 (CA-Partnership)
    Custom Care 2 (CA)
    Custom Care 2 (CT-Partnership)
    Custom Care 2 (IN-Partnership)
    Custom Care 2 (MA)
    Custom Care 2 (PA)
    Custom Care 2 Enhanced (Generic)
    Custom Care III (Generic-Partnership)
    Essential Care (Generic)
    Essential Care (MA)
    Essential Care (NY)
    Essential Care - TX (TX)
    Essential Care 2 (Generic)
    Essential Care 2 (CT-Partnership)
    Essential Care 2 (MA)
    Gold Coast Advantage (CA)
    Gold Coast Advantage (CA-Partnership)
    Leading Edge (Generic)
    Leading Edge (MA)
    Leading Edge (NY)
    Long-Term Care Insurance (NY-Partnership)
    Performance LTC (Generic-Partnership)

    Dependable Care III (Generic)
    Dependable Care Plus (Generic)

Knights of Columbus
    KC-Care (Generic)

Life Investors
    GoldenCare Personal Solutions (Generic)
    Personal Choice (Generic)

LifeSecure Insurance Company
    LifeSecure Long-Term Care Insurance (Generic-Partnership)

Lincoln Benefit
    Senior Linc 3 (Generic)
    Senior Linc 3 (CA)
    Senior Linc Premier (Generic)
    Senior Linc Premier (WI)

Loyal American
    Security Advantage (Generic)

Lutheran Brotherhood
    H3-NC-LTCC-1 (Generic)

Mass Mutual
    Signature Care (Generic)
    Signature Care (Generic)
    Signature Care (Generic)
    Signature Care (MI)
    Signature Care 500 (Generic)

    Care Directions Premier (Generic)
    Care Directions Premier (NY-Partnership)
    Care Directions Simplicity (Generic)
    CareDirections Contego (Generic-Partnership)
    CareDirections Premier (CT-Partnership)
    FlexCare (Generic-Partnership)
    FlexCare (CT-Partnership)
    FlexCash (Generic-Partnership)
    Simplicity 2 (Generic)

Met Life
    CPLTC-Ideal (CA-Partnership)
    Dollar-for-Dollar 100 (NY-Partnership)
    Dollar-for-Dollar 50 (NY-Partnership)
    Ideal Plan (Generic)
    Ideal Plan (CT-Partnership)
    Ideal Plan (IN)
    Ideal Plan 2 (Generic)
    Ideal Plan 2 (CA-Partnership)
    Ideal Plan 2 (CA)
    Ideal Plan 2 (CT-Partnership)
    Ideal Plan 2 (IN-Partnership)
    Ideal Plan 2 (NY)
    LifeStage Advantage Custom Advantage (Generic)
    LifeStage Advantage Simple Advantage (Generic)
    Premier Plan (Generic)
    Premier Plan 2 (Generic)
    Premier Plan 2 (IN)
    Premier Plan 2 (NY)
    Total Asset 100 (NY-Partnership)
    Total Asset 50 (NY-Partnership)
    TQ-LTC (Generic)
    TQ-LTC (NY-Partnership)
    Value Plan (Generic)
    Value Plan (CT-Partnership)
    Value Plan (NY-Partnership)
    Value Plan 2 (Generic)
    Value Plan 2 (CT-Partnership)

    Flexible Benefit Plus (CT-Partnership)
    LTC Flex (Generic)
    LTC Plus (Generic)
    LTC Plus (Generic)

Mutual of Omaha
    LTA - Couples (Generic)
    LTC I (Generic)
    LTC II (Generic)
    Mutual Care (Generic)
    Mutual Care Plus (Generic)
    Mutual Care Plus (VA)
    MutualCare Custom Solution (Generic-Partnership)
    MutualCare Secure Solution (Generic-Partnership)

Mutual Protective Insurance Company
    TQ - LTC (IA)

New York Life
    LTC Select Premier (Generic)
    LTC Select Premier (NY)
    LTCI (CA-Partnership)
    TQ-LTC (GA)

Northwestern Mutual
    QuietCare (Generic)
    QuietCare TT (Generic)
    QuietCare-RS (Generic)

Penn Treaty
    Personal Freedom (GA)
    Personal Freedom II (Generic)
    Personal Freedom III (Generic)
    Personal Freedom III (OR)

Peoples Benefit Life
    Peoples Choice (PA)

    First Choice Plus (Generic)
    Flexible Benefit Plus (Generic)

Physicians Mutual
    Vista Care (Generic)
    Vista Care Choices (Generic)

    Long Term Care Insurance (Generic)
    LTC 3 (IN-Partnership)
    LTC By Design (Generic)
    LTC Evolution (Generic)
    LTC-3 (Generic)
    LTC-3 (CA)
    LTC-3 (CT-Partnership)
    Prudential Long Term Care (CT-Partnership)

State Farm
    Long-Term Care Insurance (Generic)
    TQ-LTC (GA)

State Life
    CareGuard (Generic)
    CareGuard (KS)
    Lifestyle 2000 (Generic)
    Lifestyle 2000 Plus (Generic)

Thrivent / Aid Association for Lutherans
    LTCI (IA)

Transamerica Occidental Life
    TransCare II (Generic-Partnership)
    TransCare III (Generic-Partnership)
    TransCare Long -Term Care (Generic-Partnership)
    TransCare Options (Generic)
    TransCare Partners (CA-Partnership)
    TransCare TQ (Generic)
    TransGenerations (Generic)
    TransGenerations (NY)
    TransGenerations (NY-Partnership)

    Independent Care - LTC4 (Generic)

United of Omaha
    Assured Solutions (Generic)
    Assured Solutions Gold (Generic)
    Assured Solutions Gold (NE)
    Assured Solutions Gold - Cash First (Generic)
    Assured Solutions Plus (Generic)

    Advantage 1 (Generic)
    Advantage Plus (Generic)
    Advantage Plus (CA-Partnership)
    Individual LTC Indemnity Plan - Professional (Generic)
    Individual LTC Indemnity Plan - Total (Generic)
    Individual LTC Reimbursement Plan (Generic)

West Coast Life
    LTC Choice (Generic)
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