I just landed a $5,200 premium with Mutual of Omaha. I sent the client to my SellingLTC.com LTC website before we met and this really helped to close the case.
Mark Selman
No matter whether you are a seasoned long term care insurance sales professional, an owner or employee of a brokerage organization, an employee of an insurance company, or a consumer, SellingLTC.com has something of value for you. They offer information and processes that can make acquisition of information very simple and easy, as well as to help agents and consumers with the implementation of insurance products based on the customerís needs. I highly recommend SellingLTC.com to anyone serious about their career or in getting sound information and advice concerning long term care insurance and planning.
Cheri McDonald, RHU, LUTCF, CLTC

It's almost spooky how quickly Ed had my website up and running. When I had my other website built it took forever - the web people took weeks to get it up & running.
William Corr

The LTCi Cafe Webinar was truly one of the most helpful webinars on LTC I have had in six years of selling. I wish it could have saved a policy I lost in February, based on the wife''s decline....I sold them Prudential--I could have come back with your suggesion of $400 a day with the cash alternative (which is 40% here in California)...sorry I didn't have this under my belt sooner. Looking forward to your next seminar.
Susan Laronge, CLTC

I was just introduced to your LTCi Cafe webinars. I must tell you I am very impressed! I love just listening to Phil. He makes total sense! I learned immediately why I lost 4 first call closes in 4 appointments. Thank you so much for the valuable information that I absorbed! Jennifer Ryan
Jennifer Ryan

I do a lot of work in the area of executive benefits and LTCi is rapidly becoming a "must have" benefit. By showing the tax advantages that are offered for those purchasing LTCi, it makes the sale so much easier. The Tax Issues section in SellingLTC Pro, helps me stay on top of the information I need.
Odon L. Bacque Jr. CLU

SellingLTC always presents several new or different ways to tell a story or present a feature a little differently...
John Campbell

I was on an appt and my computer was acting up and and was not able to use it. I normally use some quoting software loaded on my computer but of course this was now unavailabe. My client offered me his computer and I remembered I can use selling.com to run the quote. Worked out great! Michael J Lehrhaupt, CLTC Strategies for Long Term Care
Michael J Lehrhaupt

SellingLTC.com Professional has taken me to the next level in my ability to effectively sell LTC Insurance. Literally, everything I need to know is right at my fingertips. It is an incredible time saver and an unbelievable value. The more I use it, the easier it gets!
Mark Selman, Alan & Furr, Inc., Roswell, GA

UnderstandingLTC has been an excellent addition to our web site. The content is written in language that helps the consumer understand this often confusing subject. We've had the UnderstandingLTC feature at our web site for a couple years now and continue to be pleased with the responses it generates.
E. O'Toole, President Informed Decisions, Inc.

Individuals who previously thought self-insuring was the answer are now considering long-term care insurance. Using your marketing information (such as the financial calculators) and the sales tips have allowed me to demonstrate the financial challenges we now face with a reduction of financial assets due to the current economic climate. The tools and techniques make them more receptive to listen.
Randy Gallas, CLTC

SellingLTC.com is a must for serious producers. Since we represent multiple insurers the side by side policy comparison is imperative to our success in determining what product is in the clientís best interests. And, the underwriting guide cuts our field underwriting time down to seconds. Thanks for all you have done to help us increase our bottom line AND help our clients!
L. Wallace, Seymour , TN

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