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Put the power of proven Sales and Closing Techniques to work for you! These techniques will make you a stronger presenter and increase your closing capability in all product lines. Each example provides an explanation on how to apply the technique and a conversational example of its application. 

Opening to Close™ - a new way to view the sale from beginning to end - Opening to Close™ will make your selling objectives crystal clear.

Power Point Opportunities™ - learn how to capitalize on key statements and turn objections into reasons to buy.

Manifold Questioning™ - this questioning technique will enhance your ability to convey your overall concept more effectively.

Repeat-Rephrase Questioning - create greater clarity between you and your client.

Presenting the Brochure - Value Added Selling – the most effective technique for overcoming a price objection.

Closing Skills – We walk you through several of the most effective closes available for LTCI sales. These closes are expressly designed to meet the most common challenges such as:

  •  “I want to think about it”
  • “I need to talk it over with my children, my advisor or my friend”
  • “I want to shop around”
  • “We don’t want to do anything on our first meeting.”

These objections are easy to handle if you have the right tools.

Power comes through knowledge and this is knowledge you can put to work immediately to increase your sales.

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